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We, at MASOU are all about simplifying the daily skincare regime and minimising the number of products, plus your own everyday SPF ( don’t forget!) to use every day – summer and winter.

TIP: Try using our full product range for consistency and goodness. We have added discounts to our face line to make it easier for you to purchase the full range. 

MASOU products are economical, multi-purpose and a little will take you a long way.


Most people have skin that is on the dry side! There are a myriad of reasons why most have this type of skin: Genetics, age,  medication, radiators, air conditioners, lack of A vitamin, losing weight too fast, poor diet and last but not least is the weather. The scorching sun has a baking effect on the skin, wind, frost and just cold weather are the biggest culprits for undesirable dry skin! Cold air does not hold any moisture, so that is why the skin gets dry in the winter.

How to prevent the skin drying:

❤️ Eat a healthy diet that also include fruit,´ heavy` vegetables, nuts, seeds, good quality oils etc.  Vitamin A, C, E , B3 rich foods are essential for healthy skin.  Enough water is mega important for the skin! 

❤️ Bundle up and wear gloves in the winter.

❤️ Wear gloves when doing the dishes and avoid harsh soaps.

❤️ Try and refrain from bathing with very hot water, as the natural oils will get ripped off! Curtail shower time to less than 5 minutes. It is not easy to keep warm showers short. However,  you can do so by applying soap  on the intiminate areas before showering. Then just rinse off.

❤️ Keep shower doors close to retain the moisture of the area.

❤️ Dont use soap on the body but only on those intimate parts and under arm etc. The soap may be of a skin friendly one which has a low ph of around 5.5 – 6.

❤️ Use a good Body and Face SCRUB once a week – to cleanse and remove dead skin and debris, so that skin products can be absorbed onto the skin.

❤️ Use a good sunscreen in the summer and winter when outdoors. Don´t forget to apply sunscreen on your ears, nose tip and hands. Sunscreen does not only protect the skin get too dry, but also skin cancer.

❤️ Last but not least, USE GOOD OIL BASED PRODUCTS, EVEN FOR CLEANSING Many cleansers have soap like ingredients that dry out the skin.

Tip #2       



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Most of us do not consider our lower limbs to be the least  important 

.part of the body health wise. It is the most important part

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