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Our Story

Mother and daughter, Maryanne and Helenie are the brains, hands and hearts behind the MASOU brand. Originally hailing from Tanzania, East Africa, Maryanne moved to Denmark in her twenties to work as a lab technician. From there, her love for all things related to health and the body grew. She later studied and received her wellness qualifications while traveling the world with her family for her husbands work.

The brand MASOU was born on the island of Malta where she was surrounded by a plethora of fragrant wild herbs, flowers and fruit. You could say it all began with an overgrown lavender plant by her front door. The smell would inspire a whole range of massage oils she would go on to produce for her clients at her little massage & wellness studio.

Everything that grew around her was used. Lavender, green tea, wild thyme,
rosemary, sage, hibiscus, pomegranate and fig. The list is endless and it was all
there to be foraged and used. Due to both necessity (there was a lack of natural products available on the island) and interest, soon she began making face oils, balms and salves for people to take home with them.

While living in London, Helenie encouraged Maryanne to create the very first MASOU face oil (back when face oil wasn’t popular) that has now become a favourite and bestseller among customers. Helenie now works hand-in-hand with Maryanne in all aspects of MASOU including overseeing the design, marketing and trend forecasting. Helenie works remotely and her travels have injected further inspiration and growth to the MASOU range.


All of our products are natural, vegan and eco consciously made. We love MASOU and we use our own products on ourselves, on the youngest and oldest members of our family/friends and never ever test on animals.

*All our products are lab tested for safety.

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